Nikki (midnite_tiger) wrote in torontopets,

Looking for a home for my two guinea pigs

I'm in school now and between that and work and life in general, I don't have much time for them and would like them to go somewhere where they will be able to get lots of exercise and attention. They are both about 7 months old. Arya is a teddy bear and is really round, she headbutts when things are on her face. She's feisty and inquisitive. Sansa is all fur, we call her the bad toupee haha. She's the cuddly one. The two are inseperable. Included with them would be their cage (they could use an upgrade as they get bigger though), a food dish, two water bottles cuz Arya can get hoggy, a cuddle bag, the carrier they came in from pet smart, a wood house, a playpen, some food, some timothy hay and some bedding.

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