da gurl (insanechicky) wrote in torontopets,
da gurl

Puppy behaviour and trainer

Hi everyone,

I recently adopted 4 month old puppy and need to find a
really good behaviourist in my area. My puppy is
terribly shy and scared of everything. I tried to put
a collar on her so she gets used walks once the weather
Improves and she went nuts then followed by hiding and
sulking. She goes crazy and hides when I even try to
attach the leash to the collar. I have never had a puppy
like this so I need professional assistance.
Can anyone recommend a good trainer in the Markham, Stouffville,
Richmond hill area?
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I'm not familiar with any behaviourists in your specific area, but I can help. I've been involved with dog rescue, training, rehabilitation, re-homing, grooming etc. for quite a few years. I've fostered over 100 dogs and I specialize in timid and fear aggressive dogs. I'm in Hamilton, but I'd be happy to give you suggestions through e-mail or over the phone. (Phone is usually easiest as it allows us to have a proper dialogue.) You can start by e-mailing me if you'd like my help.... livingwithloudog at gmail dot com.