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sweet orange tabby kitten needs permanent or foster home ASAP.

I got this email today and my heart goes out to the little one. I've send this on to nearly every cat lover I know, so I thought it couldn't hurt to post it here too.

Dear cat-lovers,

Just in case you know someone, or have room for a sweet little orange
tabby kitten... he tested positive for FIV but the vet says it might
go away because of how young he is. He is otherwise healthy, playful
and affectionate. Respond quickly if you can, he's at risk of being
euthanized. :( See string of emails attached, contact info is in there.

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Date: Tue, 26 Jun 2007 21:26:24 -0400
Subject: Fwd: Update of 8 week old kitten tested positive FIV -
Picture attached

oh my god - this little guy is so cute. please spread the word about
him - even if someone can foster him temporarily it would help. a
quick response is needed. see info below. thanks all, dora

Contact info is - Roz (Fostering Felines) at (416)471-5570 or email at

Begin forwarded message:

Subject: Update of 8 week old kitten tested positive FIV - Picture attached
Reply-To: rosalynne123@yahoo.ca

This is a follow up to the email this morning...by tomorrow morning he
will have to go to the shelter. he is adorable and the vet thinks
that when he is tested again in a few months he might test negative.

As you can see he is healthy, and vaccinated and waiting for a home
even a foster home.

If you are anyone you know could help please, please let us know asap.

Thank you for opening your hearts.


Hi Everyone,

We have an 8 week old beautiful orange tabby kitten with beautiful
emerald eyes. He was tested positive for FIV. As he is so young the
vet feels that he can be re-tested in a few months and test negative
and live a long an healthy life.

He is healthy and vaccinated. He is playful and full of life as well
as very affectionate and looking for a home!

He is in a foster home and they are going away tomorrow morning and
can no longer keep him. We do not want to see him go to a shelter
where they will for sure euthanize him.

He needs either a temporary home with no other cats or at least room
where there is a door so the other cats cannot come in. We feel he
deserves a chance at a life...

I am sorry there is no pic..the foster parent might be able to send
me one later...

Thank you and please please help this little angel live.



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