you are the weakest link (theotherben) wrote in torontopets,
you are the weakest link

dogs in weston/lawerence area

i'm new to the city and am looking for some informal dog playtime groups in the parks nearby.
i'm near weston/lawerence and am close to the Cruikshank, Humber River and Raymore Parks. I walk my dogs at all times of the day but rarely see anyone out in those parks. I know there are dogs in the neighborhood, i see other people walking around the streets, but maybe they just keep them in their yards?- a damn shame b/c dogs need to socialize too!
anyway if anyone lives nearby or knows of any people who walk regularly, please let me know.
note: i do sometimes take my guys to High Park Dog Hill or Sorauren Park but it'd be nice to do something closer too.
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